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Senior Home Care Las Vegas NV

Elders are no more capable of doing daily activities like they used to do before because of mobility and weakness due to old age. Senior Home Care Las Vegas NV is the right help to render excellent care for your loved ones. It is a locally-owned home care agency that provides an individual care plan for seniors’ different cases. It renders medical and non-medical assistance for geriatrics both physically and mentally.

Nowadays, the massive demand for elder care in Las Vegas is increasing. Due to family member’s busy schedules, they hire a caregiver to take charge on their behalf. They want the best for their loved ones, assuming that they treat them like a family member.

Home care is more affordable and cheaper compared to facility-based service. More efficient to the part of family members and more comfortable to patient’s interest is why many choose home care. There are advantages but also have some disadvantages. The patient’s room should have an accessible comfort room that a wheelchair or a walker can reach. All the apparatus and equipment that patients possibly uses should be as in facility settings. Rest assured that the patient is always safe and secured.

Elderly Care Las Vegas NV

Elderly care is no different from senior care, and elders seem to be seniors when they reach the retirement age of 60 years of age and up. Undeniable that when we are getting older, our physical ability losses but mostly still can be independent. They need assistance with some of their daily routines.

Rendering care needs an assessment to plan for the service. Different cases of old age need unique treatment and care. Caregiver most offered services are:

  • Companionship. Seniors need companions in everything they do to avoid accidents happened.
  • Assistance and Help. Assistance in daily living. From personal care such as taking a bath, showering, physical grooming like dressing, putting lotions on, combing hairs, and hygiene, including tooth brushing, cleaning the ears, and cutting toes and fingernails.
  • Housekeeping. Some households are done by the caregivers too. They are dusting, cleaning, washing dishes, preparing meals, and loads of laundry.
  • From preparing meals, they assist the seniors to take their food on time, followed by taking prescribed medications and supplements.
  • Communicate with the elder’s appointments, primarily doctors’ appointments and checkups. Transportation arrangement is also their task since the elder can no longer drive for itself.
  • To run for errands and grocery shopping. The elder’s necessities should always be available, like diapers, pads, and wipes, especially if the patient is incontinent and unable to control pees and feces.

Home Carer

Senior Home Care Las Vegas NV has a qualified caregiver list to render elder home care throughout the city. Our goal is to provide services to maintain quality of life. Our reliable caregiver makes it possible to preserve elders’ independence by providing appropriate home assistance and companionship. In that way, we lift and boost their self-confidence. We commit to render the maximum comfort level in everyday life and enable them to live independently and safely.

Choosing the best caregiver is a family member’s decision. Our lists are skilled and trained through excellent years of service caregivers. Dedication and patience are their number one characteristic. Their expertise is to provide quality care at low and affordable costs.


We offer a free consultation to get a proper care plan for your loved ones at home. Senior Home Care Las Vegas NV is the right help. Cone and visit us personally for more questions and inquiries. You may also call our hotline numbers. We are always pleased to serve you.