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Senior centers are places where people who are aged 50 and above can gather for socialization and more. Many people are not familiar with senior centers. Around the country, many senior centers promote activities that encourage our senior citizens to take part in the community without the feeling of being judged or ridiculed.
Senior Center Las Vegas is always ready to accept new members into our senior family. We make sure that every member of our lovely community feels a sense of belongingness and confidence in one’s abilities.


Senior Center Las Vegas has different programs available for its members. Each program depends on their interest, advocacy, hobbies and more. Our facility is equipped with different amenities to support these programs although some programs are designed for outdoors such as excursions. We make sure that all activities can be made possible no matter what the nature of the program is.

One of the many programs that Senior Center Las Vegas is promoting would be the volunteering program. This program is divided into categories. Our members can do volunteer work on shelters, orphanages, clean-up drives and more. There is also a program that is sponsored by religious groups that can be participated on by our members who are also part of the said religious organization. We also have programs that are dedicated to health and fitness such as; the sports club, fitness class, yoga circle and more.

Other programs cater to people’s hobbies such as; the bi-weekly cookout, orchestra concert, and movie showing. These activities help our members get to know other people who might be enjoying the same interests as them, exercise and utilize their creativity together, and create a certain bond that makes the community bigger and stronger.

Most of the activities happen daily, with the help of our passionate facilitators in the center. In some cases, establishments who would like to hire senior people as employees often do job hunting in our senior center. With the help and guidance of our caregivers, our elderly can land on part-time jobs that can make use of their abilities. Senior Center Las Vegas is not only a place for wellness and socialization but also for opportunities.


The senior citizens of the country are normally seen as vulnerable members of the population. In Senior Center Las Vegas, we work to erase this prejudice against the elderly and show the world what elder people can do. We encourage our members to participate in our activities to liven up their daily life as well as to connect with other members who might feel the same way as them. These activities empower them as an individual who is also a valued member of society.

Our members build a community that they will surely remember for as long as they live. We aim to sustain this community by providing the venue for everyone to meet, do what they are interested to do and what they can do best.


There are many ways for a person to remember how they lived their lives. Our facility gives them the chance to make good memories of how productively they spent their lives building a community that encompasses bonds. If you want to know more about Senior Center Las Vegas and the programs we do to empower our elders, feel free to contact us.